In the unfortunate event that you need to make a claim, the following steps should assist in getting your claim processed.

Emergency Steps

  1. Take all reasonable steps to minimise the damage occurring or spreading and make sure,where necessary, the property is secure.
  2. Contact the appropriate authority:
  • Police in the event of a break-in. Please make a note of the crime reference number that the police issue
  • Plumber if internal water leak. Please note, the cost will be at your own expense if a non-insured event has occurred
  • Managing Agent if there is damage to the roof, external walls or common area
  • Owner of the property if there is a water leak from another property

Making a claim

  1. Report your claim by ringing the claims line telephone number stated at the bottom of the Buildings Certificate of Insurance or Schedule. It is important that the claim is notified as soon as possible as a long delay may invalidate your claim.
  2. Take photos of the damage. Try to include both close up and distant photos of the damage as this will assist the claims department
  3. Obtain at least two estimates for the repair on the contractor’s headed paper
  4. Do not authorise or carry out any repair work without the express consent of the claims department unless you are doing so to prevent further loss/damage